Why Business Process Discovery is Critical to Peak Performance

Businesses operate to make a profit. In the simplest terms, this demands lean operations; maximising value in every process and developing robust financial control. Achieving this is not as simple. From an operations perspective, business processes must be optimised to reduce waste, prevent bottlenecks, and get the most from valuable resources. Without clear insight into the current state of operations, optimisation becomes near impossible.

Enter Business Process Discovery Solutions – AI-driven technology that gives businesses the power to analyse their processes with accuracy. With this information at hand, sound decisions can be made to improve and adjust these processes for peak performance.

What is Business Process Discovery?

Business Process Discovery offers more than just a high-level overview into processes; it delivers a granular insight. This AI-driven software technology is easily implemented to observe and capture business tasks and processes, modelled into a granular study.

Essentially, it offers the effective extraction of information on existing business processes, developing an overarching view of the current state of operations. It seamlessly combines Process Mapping, Task Mining, and Process Mining, creating a system of record for work that enables data driven, process led transformation.

It is:

  • A crucial element to business process improvement
  • Able to deliver visual representation of processes
  • Able to identify process inefficiencies, inadequacies, and areas of concern
  • Vital in setting the framework for process automation, improving time to automation, and assisting in business transformation efforts

The Benefits of Business Process Discovery

Business Process Discovery gives organisations certainty around their processes and performance – delivering the information needed to identify process gaps and leaks, while illuminating real opportunities for process enhancements.

With processes mapped and documented, Business Process Discovery leads to:

  • Increased business process visibility
  • Improved business processes and resource utilisation, reducing waste and time lost
  • Greater employee satisfaction with true processes put to paper
  • Insight into automatable processes, allowing for implementation of automation technologies
  • Enhanced efficiency by eliminating bottlenecks and redundancies, resulting in cost-savings
  • Risk reduction, allowing for the development of robust contingency plans
  • Enriched customer experiences

The Power of Automated Business Process Discovery

When Business Process Discovery is combined with the power of digital RPA technology, the result is process automation. Threats are identified and processes adjusted before the process failures occur. With automated discovery, businesses enjoy enhanced benefits over manual process discovery. These include:

  • Faster process discovery, ensuring process issues and variations are recognised proactively, without disrupting employee workflow
  • Every process is mapped, delivering and organisation-wide, granular map of the business’ operations
  • Operational excellence as highly-efficient processes are identified and leveraged
  • Insight into where automation will be advantageous for better performance

How CIBA Delivers Business Process Discovery Solutions

With a focus on data driven digital transformation, CIBA strives to help clients eliminate process blindness, fostering well-founded process intelligence through innovative Business Process Discovery Technology. CIBA’s trusted network of consultants and experts assist in implementing this AI-driven Process Discovery Solution, ensuring the integration and alignment of people, processes, and technologies.

With this sound foundation for business transformation, the enterprise is steered towards automation with a focus on continuous improvement.


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