Intelligent Automation Supports RPA, Transforms Financial Services Business

There’s no doubt that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is offering incredible efficiency benefits for businesses across the globe. The financial services industry (FSI) is no exception. Now, as technology continues to evolve at exponential rates, Intelligent Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are adding valuable facets to the RPA offering.

According to research conducted by Gartner, “bank CIOs should prioritise IT investments.” The IDC confirms that banking will be one of the two industries spending the most on AI solutions by 2024. 

Benefits of Intelligent Automation & RPA in Financial Services

Financial services organisations are reaping the benefits of combining the strengths of RPA, AI, and human intelligence. With this approach to Intelligent Automation , they’re realising the benefits of transformed operations and enhanced customer satisfaction. Manual, data-intensive operations are transformed, leaving these organisations better positioned to meet constantly changing and stringent regulatory requirements.

Essentially, digital tasks are automated – freeing valuable human resources up to focus on more value-driven pursuits. With Intelligent Automation, financial services business enjoy:

  • Greater accuracy with fewer human errors
  • Increased resource capacity
  • Greater productivity with streamlined operations
  • Cost and time savings
  • Enhanced customer experiences
  • Elevated integration and scalability
  • Strengthened compliance
  • Reduced risk

How CIBA Enables Intelligent Automation in Financial Services

Our enterprise-grade cognitive RPA platform effectively automates any business process. In financial services businesses, enterprises are empowered to:

  • Create digital workforces – otherwise known as ‘bots’
  • Manage the business and its operations with total accuracy
  • Scale business processes at speed

With a partnership approach, our teams work alongside client businesses to make Intelligent Automation practical. We start with a discovery process, determining which digital solutions are best suited to the client’s business  – evaluating whether the business simply needs to integrate basic bots for simple tasks, or take on a full digital transformation of processes and systems. With that information at hand, we seamlessly implement the solutions needed to help the business embrace automation. The business is perfectly positioned to scale up (or down) as necessary.  

Our enterprise-class automation solution offers the fastest time-to-value, while giving users the power to leverage its resilience, scalability, and security. Empowered by this transformation, financial services customers operate sensitive and mission-critical business processes with ease.


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