Enterprise Performance Management


In a rapid and ever-changing business environment where technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated, simple and swift business and technology solutions are paramount.​




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Our specialised finance transformation platform (CCH Tagetik) connects finance and operations with an extensible platform and powerful data engine. In one solution, you can complete all financial processes and access the information you need to gain better insights, make faster decisions, and drive your business in the best direction.

What can EPM do for you?

Enterprise Performance Management software is a suite of integrated financial management applications with powerful business intelligence that gives you a timely and accurate “single version of the truth.”

You gain accurate visibility into financial and operational metrics so you can better focus resources, improve performance and manage operational risks – while planning, forecasting, and reporting with confidence.

Drive performance improvements by better aligning goals with metrics, increasing operational efficiency, and becoming more comfortable with the integrity of your numbers. EPM solutions drive this breakthrough performance management, because we offer the most comprehensive set of features, functionality and flexibility in one version of the truth
  • Enterprise Performance Management provides end-to-end business processes to meet the requirements of most organizations and ensure a connected and agile experience across multiple business processes​.
  • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) software helps you analyze, understand, and report on your business.
  • EPM refers to the processes designed to help organizations plan, budget, forecast, and on business performance as well as (often referred to as “closing the books”).
  • EPM solutions are primarily used by CFOs and the office of finance, while other functional areas, such as HR, sales, marketing and IT use EPM for operational planning, budgeting, and reporting.​

All this, with a single point of contact!

Ready to outsource your business transformation and digitisation needs to the experts?

Modernise your enterprise performance management applications, delivered through the cloud (essentially a software-as-a-service model) we transition your enterprise applications and systems to enable digital success.

CIBA helps our local and global clients measure & manage performance so that they can better anticipate results and drive growth and profitability.

This is achieved by optimising the entire management cycle through the provision of robust, powerful and easy to use information platforms. Furthermore, they properly integrate all management related processes to ensure efficiency and consistency in decision making. This is fundamental in ensuring strategy execution and therefore predictable results.

Services for our customers

EPM professionals and our selected partners offer a range of resources to customise, enhance, support and extend your EPM solutions. With 25 years of experience and a proven methodology, our services team has delivered successful results for thousands of businesses worldwide.

From EPM product demonstration to implementation and from training to technical support, EPM professionals work together to transform your licensed software into powerful solutions that support your decision making and drive superior business performance. EPM integrated solutions that leverage your existing systems, to provide Enterprise performance management capabilities with seamless transitions from consolidation, planning, query & analysis, to reporting.

Your Challenge:

As markets are constantly evolving and global business competition is getting faster each day, organisations are increasingly turning to EPM applications to execute their management processes. As demand for these Applications has grown, so has their breadth and complexity. Today, the high cost of maintaining skilled internal support staff and the lack of internal best practices are causing many organisations to seek alternative ways of realising the full potential from their EPM Applications.

A challenge that Finance must address is how to support key initiatives at a time when its staff size is lower than ever? According to Hackett Benchmarking, the cost of finance has decreased by half over the past two decades, which has meant an approximately equal reduction in finance staff because the majority of finance costs are for personnel. And this pressure is taking its toll. Studies show that CFOs believe that reporting requirements have become more complex in the past few years and that complexity will increase within the next few years.

Your Solution:

While technology is not a remedy, it can help offset staff cuts and increased pressures by automating processes and delivering greater insight into the business. CIBA recognises these market pressures and has created a Managed Services offering to assist our client’s in meeting these challenges.

Achieve higher management efficiencies at lower costs with EPM Managed Services from CIBA .
  • Our consultants have wide and deep implementation experience across numerous industries.
  • We work closely with key client staff to build our understanding of their business.
  • We work with our clients in extracting more value from their Financial Management applications by using our knowledge and experience.
  • We become a virtual employee of the client.
  • We have a dedicated consultant team for industry specific applications.

When will you use Managed Services?

  • At the end of the rollout of a project to assist you in realising the value from your EPM. The end of a new implementation can be a time when the need for a skilled resource is critical.
  • When you need extra help with month-end processes and don’t have the skills or the extra hands to assist.
  • When you’d like help in developing custom applications so that you can streamline certain processes.

Who will use CIBA Managed Services?

  • Companies who have just completed the rollout of a new EPM Application.
  • Companies who have had EPM applications for some time and would like to extract additional value from their applications.
  • Companies who have limited resources and would like to have flexible access to skilled EPM resources for a couple of hours a day, a week, a month or longer.
  • Companies that have EPM solutions and want to optimise their usage of the software.

What we offer:

At the start of an engagement, the CIBA team members are introduced to key stakeholders in your organisation. We validate the engagement scope and confirm your service expectations. In collaboration with you, we develop the plan.

Managed Services​

Application managed services​

  • Application support
  • Ad hoc development​
  • Outsourcing​
  • Training​
  • Integration to source systems​
  • Capacity supplementation​

Technical managed services​

  • Managing change control process​
  • Disaster recovery simulations​
  • Uptime reports and management​
  • Incident reports, e.g., critical failures and recoveries​​
  • Backend support and/or outsourcing​
  • End-user support through web sessions​
  • Manage calls logged with OEM​


  • System review​
  • Optimising performance​
  • General system maintenance​

Health Checks​

  • System health checks and system status reporting​
  • System health checks and system status reporting​
  • System registry report​
  • System health checks and system status reporting​
  • Recommendations and action plans on any problems detected​

Upgrades and patching

  • Advice on new software versions and roadmaps​
  • Performing recommended software version upgrades​
  • Informing about new patches​
  • Applying fixes or patches if necessary​

Service Desk​

Technical incident resolution​

  • Access to a EPM/BI service engineer for support issues​
  • Direct access to global resources with clear accountability​
  • Online, real-time status updates of requests through EPM service delivery infrastructure​

Certified service desk​

  • Dedicated to first-class service and support​
  • EPM and BI Certified Support credentials updated annually​
  • Knowledgeable about the latest EPM and BI releases and products​

Onsite visits​

  • Face-to-face interactions as an alternative to calls and emails​
  • Onsite resources for emergencies or specific requests

Remote access or streaming

  • Multiple remote service solutions available based on security requirements​
  • Efficient resolution through remote access or streaming​
  • Quick access to systems resulting in faster resolution times​

Access to online self-service tools​

  • Access to a business-specific, online knowledge base that expands and grows with support needs​
  • Single point of access for all knowledge and support requirements​

Faster, more efficient resolutions​

  • Specialist teams collaborate, thus eliminating multiple hand-offs and repetition of information​
  • Clear understanding of unique business needs enables fast and efficient solutions​
  • Reduced cost, increased satisfaction and return on investment (ROI)​

Support for critical or urgent issues​

  • Committed response times for major system disruptions or downtime (Severity 1 issues)​
  • Immediate support for most critical issues​
  • Customised standby packages for business-critical times​
  • Applying fixes or patches if necessary​

Pre-emptive and proactive monitoring services​

  • Proactive monitoring ensures early detection or possible avoidance of issues​
  • Multiple levels of monitoring for optimal functioning of systems​
  • A variety of performance metrics are generated​


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